Mount Shasta


Protection District


The Mount Shasta Fire Protection District shall be a full service fire department providing the public with fire suppression services, rescue, medical aid, public assist, and search.

To provide these services the district shall provide department personnel with the tools, equipment, and training to fulfill their goals.

Fire Suppression shall include the containment, extinguishment, and overhaul to insure that any fire has been fully extinguished.

Rescue shall include but not be limited to the removal of trapped victims from vehicles, collapsed structures, and from environments hazardous to life. Rescues shall also include water rescues, mountain rescues, and technical rescues.

Medical Aids are the departments most common and most frequent calls. These rescues can range from a simple sprain to a cardiac arrest. Fire Fighters shall be trained to the State requirements to provide aid to the injured and ill. Fire fighters shall respond when dispatched to the location of the patient and render such aid as needed.

Public Assist calls, although not as frequent as medical calls, are calls that are made by people who need assistance in getting up after a fall or getting from a vehicle into the house after a doctors visit.

The fire department seldom gets called to assist in the search of lost individuals, however it shall be the policy of this department to provide personnel to assist local law enforcement in their search for lost or missing children.